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Friday the 13th Is Your Lucky Day! Here's Why:

We're getting so many raves about the free video series we put out last week, we thought we'd put them all online again for you this weekend (with no opt-in required).

You get all four full-length training videos here:

► Free Video #1. How To Transform a Stubborn Horse Into a Willing & Cooperative Horse >>

► Free Video #2. How To Transform a Phsysical Crooked Horse Into a Balanced horse >>

► Free Video #3. How To Keep Yourself From Going Crazy Because Of Other Riders >>

► Free Video #4. You Really Need To Learn These History Lessons From The Old Grand Masters >>

► Free Video #5: Check Out These Incredible Transformations of Riders & Horses >>

And don't forget to download all manuals and ebooks this time 😉

Episode #4: Grandmasters in Europe

Why do we need to train our horse? Why do we practice the haunches-in? Or the travers? There is a reason for everything. There is always a 'why'!

Check out the final episode of my free 4-part Mini Mastery Course, where you'll find out why the old Grandmasters from centuries ago trained their horse and what they have to say about the art of riding.

Click HERE for the full episode >>

✔ AND you can download the free ST Mastery manual with the history of the important Grandmasters and their riding academies, that you can use as a 'reader' of this episode, because this episode will be here only for a couple of days.

✔ PLUS great to see that thousands of enthusiastic riders are joining the Mini Mastery course at the moment! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and interesting questions below all episodes! And if you have any questions you have about Straightness Training, feel free to post them directly below the episode and you'll get a personal answer within 24 hours!

✔ IMPORTANT! This is the 4th part of this mini course. It's free, but only for a couple more days. Because next week I'll be opening the doors to my ST Academy and we'll start with the Mastery 2017 Class (limited numbers), but for the next couple of days all four episodes and the downloadable manuals are free.
So don't miss out on it, now it's still online, just click here:

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