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ST Instructor Clinic in the Netherlands

From 1 to 5 September 2017 fourteen ST Instructors from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, US, Brazil and South Africa came to the Netherlands for the second ST Instructor Clinic of this year.

This video gives you a short impression of the clinic and below the video you can read more extensive reports with valuable tips and insights, written by several ST Instructors.


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Riding With Two Sticks

From 1 to 5 September 2017 the ST Instructors from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, US, Brazil and South Africa came to the Netherlands for the exclusive ST Instructor Clinic.

Special focus in this clinic was on ST at liberty and riding with two sticks for the simple reason to get our horses in the highest mental state possible, where they are not only willing to meet our requests, but also taking responsibility for the actual behavior.

Zaneta Georgiades ST Instructor from South Africa came already a bit earlier to the Netherlands for a meeting about the ST Evaluation Program, and in this video you'll see Zaneta for the very first time riding brideless with my horse Romanesque:

Total Immersion

Frequently asked questions concerning liberty are:

  • How do I become skilled in doing liberty training with my horse?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What is the most important thing?

Let's tell you the answer in a sec 😉...

But first let's have a look how we learn:

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2nd Down Under ST Tour

Grade 3 (C) ST Instructor Elaine Coxon is making the 2nd Grand Down Under Tour and it starts in Melbourne on 21st October and finishes in Perth on 12th November. She is visiting Auckland, Hunter Valley, Canberra and Adelaide over the course of these 4 weeks.

If you would like to find out a little more about this tour:

Click HERE for the Down Under Tour 2017 >>

Or check the ST Australia & New Zealand Facebook Group >>

And to get an impression of last year's tour:

Click HERE for the full report of the Down Under Tour 2016 >>

So if you live Down Under, don't miss out on this year's ST Tour, because the ST workshops and clinics are a great opportunity to see Straightness Training  happening right in front of your eyes and to meet like minded ST fans in Australia and New Zealand!

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