Terre à Terre training

Maestro is a senior horse and he is now 20 years old, but  he is still going strong!

A 20 years old horse is actually not considered as 'old' in straightness training.
Thanks to straightness training horses can live a long and healthy life as a riding horse until an old age!
Click on the video to see Maestro giving his best in the exercise  Terre à Terre:

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Maestro & Noora Ehnqvist

June 2013

On 17 & 18 June, Noora Ehnqvist, Claudia Wolters en I exchanged knowledge and experience, together with our horses, including Maestro!

Noora combined straightness training at liberty with her own perspectives, resulting in a wonderful togetherness.

Noora always says "We Are The Example" when it comes to physics, attitudes, emotions and spirit. By giving a good example, the horse follows in the same direction.

Noora Ehnqvist Noora Ehnqvist

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