Pirouette from the concave side

This is my horse Romanesque in the canter pirouette and I ask it from the 'groundwork' position, that's when you are positioned on the horse's concave side, then the horse will be cantering towards you.

You can also do the canter pirouette when you are positioned on the convex side of the horse, then the horse will turn away from you. I will make a video of that soon 😉

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Pirouettes in hand

May 2013

Romanesque is developping very well in the pirouettes in hand with a single line and a cavesson. This is also called advanced groundwork.

On the left you see a pirouette in walk, in the middle a renvers-pirouette in trot and on the right a canter pirouette:

Romanesque Romanesque Romanesque

Professor Romanesque

September 2012

Marina Krasilshchikova is our Russian clinic coordinator, who also translated the Home Study Course Straightness Training into Russian. In September, Marina was on a holiday in Europe, and she also visited The Netherlands for a few days.


Of course, a Straightness Training lesson with Professor Romanesque was part of the programm.

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