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Don't Wait For The Perfect Conditions

Don't wait for the perfect conditions to get STarted.

Here's an example:

🇿🇦 ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades lives in a rural and remote area with her herd of horses...

🔥 And she often has to deal with very high temperatures ...

☀️ Plus she faces the burning South African sun on a daily basis...

But these challenging circumstances didn't witheld Zaneta from making huge progress!

Now Zaneta started with Straightness Training a few years ago.

And in this video you can hear more about her struggles, plateaus, breakthroughs and growth 📈.

Plus she tells you about her experiences with her horses on her fascinating ST journey.

Read More..

The #1 Thing To Boost Your Progress

For a short time, this video will be online:

The video shows you the fascinating results of last week's survey.

Now I'm a big fan of surveys...

I use them to figure out what riders want from me - in my content and my products, and especially my brand new ST Mastery Entry Course!

So I’ve been surveying a lot of my readers lately… asking about their biggest challenges.

(You might have seen my survey last week.)

One theme kept coming up… it was "How do I know what I do is the right thing?"  Read More..

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