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2nd Down Under ST Tour

Grade 3 (C) ST Instructor Elaine Coxon is making the 2nd Grand Down Under Tour and it starts in Melbourne on 21st October and finishes in Perth on 12th November. She is visiting Auckland, Hunter Valley, Canberra and Adelaide over the course of these 4 weeks.

If you would like to find out a little more about this tour:

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And to get an impression of last year's tour:

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So if you live Down Under, don't miss out on this year's ST Tour, because the ST workshops and clinics are a great opportunity to see Straightness Training  happening right in front of your eyes and to meet like minded ST fans in Australia and New Zealand!

Group picture ST Instructor Clinic

What an amazing team of ST Instructors!

There was much widening, broadening and deepening going on during the exclusive 5-day-ST Instructor clinic (1 - 5 September).

Fourteen ST Instructors (see photo) came to the Netherlands to join the clinic and they did a fabulous job in stretching and growing and finding the important next 2 mm!

They will pass on their insights and extended knowledge to the STudents during their ST lessons, workshops and clinics which they organize around the globe 

A video of the ST Instructor clinic will follow in a few days, so stay tuned!

From left to right: Marijke de Jong, Wendy Poore, Zaneta Georgiades, Miriam Sherman, Carolin Moldenhauer, Dora Hebrock, Meg Brauch, Marianne Lee, Christy Morley, Roz Richmond, Elaine Coxon, Juliana Dorneles, Anouk Wienia, Kim Steutel and Rosan Veer.