About Conditioning And Communication...

So cool to see passionate riders from various equestrian disciplines arriving in the ST Mastery Program!

And because of their background, they taught their horse, for example, the following:

  • To jump into the canter with the inside leg.
  • To respond with backing along the wall when they press slightly on the horse’s neck.
  • To bring the hind quarters towards the trainer from the whip in the air, while the horse slightly counter bends.
  • To swing the haunches back out, when they put pressure with the whip in the girth area.

But in Straightness Training we teach our horse the following:

  • To jump into canter from the outside leg.
  • To respond with haunches-in with slight pressure on the horse’s neck.
  • To bring the hindquarters in from the whip in the air and bend around the trainer.
  • To bend around the whip, when we put gentle pressure on the girth area.

Now to be clear:

There is no RIGHT way ✅, and there’s no WRONG way ⛔️... Read More..

Your Questions Answered...

Ever since I released the Mastery Program last Sunday, my support team has been FLOODED with questions:

  • What if I am a complete beginner, is it not too complicated?
  • What if I have a Norwegian horse / thoroughbred / shetland pony / ...
  • What if I do jumping / eventing / trail riding / NH / clicker training / western / ....
  • What if I want to ride bitless?
  • Do I need to give up hacking out or trail riding?
  • What if it's often very hot/cold in my country?
  • What if I have a very busy live, can I integrate it easily?
  • What is the difference between the ST Entry Course and the ST Mastery Program?
  • How can I become an ST Instructor?
  • And many more questions...

So get your answers HERE >>

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Avoid Too Much, Too Long, Too Often, Sudden, Steady Pressure

When we practice Straightness Training (ST) exercises - for example the exercise 'forward down' - we need to avoid:

❌too much pressure
❌too long pressure
❌too often pressure
❌sudden pressure
❌steady pressure

Because these kinds of pressure might trigger the following:

⛔️The horse goes in the opposite direction and in a state of 'flight'

⛔️The horse goes against the pressure and gets in a state of 'fight'

⛔️The horse ignores the pressure and gets in a state of 'freeze'


As a result you end up in a push/pull contest or a nipping/biting game!

Now don't think it's the horse's fault...

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Finish This Year Strong! Let Me Help! (Free Download)

wheel-of-st-masteryIt’s October, which means the year is ¾ over!

The last quarter of the year is very important for you to stay strong with your goals and you can make a huge difference to your bottom line this year!

Therefore, fall is a great season for evaluating your growth, wrapping up loose ends and prioritizing the goals that will benefit you and your horse the most.

So let's finish the year strong...

And the Wheel of Mastery will help you with that!

In preparation for ST Mastery opening for enrollment very soon - something that only happens once or twice per year and with very limited space - I want to give you a taste of what ST Mastery is all about by presenting you the Wheel of Mastery.

Because to become the best horse trainer you can be, it's not only about mastering your horse training skills...

You also have to find the right balance of attention for other areas of mastery, such as:

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Total Immersion

Frequently asked questions concerning liberty are:

  • How do I become skilled in doing liberty training with my horse?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What is the most important thing?

Let's tell you the answer in a sec 😉...

But first let's have a look how we learn:

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