Do I Need To Give Up What I Love?

trailrideWhen people start doing Straightness Training some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • Can I mix Straightness Training with (other types of) riding?
  • What if I do jumping/ eventing/ hacking out/ classical equitation/ western / natural horsemanship/.... is Straightness Training something I do alongside this?
  • While I build up the exercises from the ground, what do you suggest about riding my horse in the meantime?
  • Or do I need to give up what I LOVE?

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How to Mix Straightness Training with Other Types of Riding >>

Leg-yield Yes or No?

A lot of riders school the leg-yield as an exercise and as a regular part of their training programs.

Now in Straightness Training we do teach the horse to yield for the leg of the rider, but we don't use leg-yielding as an exercise, we don't use this particular exercise in our training, and this article will tell you why, but first of all... 

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