See problems as chances!

Change your meaning

Don’t fear problems, because the best comes from them!

Just change your meaning about problems:

  • Problems are gifts in disguise!
  • Problems are chances to learn!
  • Problems are not STOP signs, they are guidelines!
  • Problems are just opportunities in work clothes!
  • Problems are good, impossible problems are even better!



Leg-yield Yes or No?

A lot of riders school the leg-yield as an exercise and as a regular part of their training programs.

Now in Straightness Training we do teach the horse to yield for the leg of the rider, but we don't use leg-yielding as an exercise, we don't use this particular exercise in our training, and this article will tell you why, but first of all... 

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Act 'as if' spectators are watching

rijdenThe  rider should sometimes act 'as if' spectators are watching both him/her and the horse.

This offers several advantages:

  • If one day there is a real audience, you are mentally prepared.
  • You will train seriously and concentrated.
  • If you also 'internally' explain to the 'imagined' audience what, why and how you are doing what you are doing, you will find out 'gaps' in your knowledge or you will find out that you perfectly know what you are doing.
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