Finish This Year Strong

wheel-of-st-masteryWe are moving towards the end of this year!

So let's set ourselves up for success for 2017 and the Wheel of Mastery will help you with that!

In preparation for ST Mastery Class opening for enrollment very soon - something that only happens once per year and with limited space - I want give you a taste of what Mastery is all about by helping you stay accountable to the key areas of life where you feel you need more balance.

Because to become the best horse trainer you can be in 2017, it's not only about mastering your horse training skills; you also have to find the right balance of attention for other areas of your life.

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Close the gap


The fourth quarter of the year is about to begin!

And here are some questions to prepare yourself:

How are you going to approach Q4?

Will life be happening to you? Or are you called by life this time to take responsibility for your choices?

And if you make some empowering choices, what would the world be like in Q4, if everyone in the world did what you are about ready to do in Q4?

Just imagine that the world is watching you in Q4 and then emulating what you do. Now that’s a huge responsiblity 😉 but how cool would it be if that’s the level of responsiblity we all will embrace in Q4. That’s a beautiful and powerful idea!

Now take a moment to realise "Where are you and your horse now?" and "What is your potential as a team and what are you capable off?"

Now there might be a gap...

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