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Straightness Training clinics and other events


Marijke de Jong is traveling around the world giving Straightness Training clinics.

Mastery clinics:

 ● 24-25-26 June  Click HERE for more info & registration >>
 ● 19-20-21 August  Click HERE for more info & registration >>
 ● 23-24-25 September  Click HERE for more info & registration >>
.....Guarapari (ES)
 ● 7-8-9 October  Click HERE for more info & registration >>
.....Ashford (CT)
 ● 14-15-16 October .Click HERE for more info & registration >>

Instructor clinics:

★ UK  ● 10-11-12 June
.● 9-10-11 September
 ST (Trainee) Instructors only
★ NETHERLANDS  ● 4-5-6 June
.● 2-3-4 August
 ST Instructors only


ST Events with ST Instructors

Check out the ST Events Facebook Group with an overview of all ST events that are being organized around the world by certified and licensed ST Instructors.

This group is a central place where details of ST clinics, workshops, events, and lessons that are open to spectators can be found.



About Straightness Training Events

Seeing Marijke de Jong or a licensed ST Instructor in person is a good way to add extra impetus to your learning and watching lessons allows you to see things develop right in front of your eyes.

The clinic will showcase a range of progression with riders and horses who have worked with Marijke for varying lengths of time.

The clinic provides you a solid basis for doing straightness training with your horse in hand and under saddle.

During the clinics the following training components of straightness training are addressed:

  1. Groundwork
  2. Longeing
  3. Work in hand
  4. Riding
  5. At liberty

You can participate in two ways: as a rider or as a surveyor.

straightness-training-brazil-lecture-2As a rider you will be receiving private tuition with your own horse and participate in the theory lessons. We'll put the theory into practice and we'll address the issues that you bring. After the clinic you'll have the information and confidence you need to continue independently at home.

As a spectator you will be able to watch the riders and you can bring questions about your own horse and get involved with the lectures about straightness training. You are much more of a participant than a spectator on these clinics, with hours of lectures to be inspired by and practical sessions where you see ST with horse and rider combinations being coached through the process. Get your questions answered face to face and see learning challenges become great opportunities that enable you to leave with a toolkit full of fun and ideas.

The intention of a clinic is that everybody goes home with a lot of inspiration and more insight in how to supple and straighten your horse.

Marijke de Jong Marijke de Jong

Clinic Policy

  • All clinics with Marijke de Jong can only be organized by ST Instructors and will only be organized at venues of ST Instructors.