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Your Questions Answered...

Ever since I released the Mastery Program last Sunday, my support team has been FLOODED with questions:

  • What if I am a complete beginner, is it not too complicated?
  • What if I have a Norwegian horse / thoroughbred / shetland pony / ...
  • What if I do jumping / eventing / trail riding / NH / clicker training / western / ....
  • What if I want to ride bitless?
  • Do I need to give up hacking out or trail riding?
  • What if it's often very hot/cold in my country?
  • What if I have a very busy live, can I integrate it easily?
  • What is the difference between the ST Entry Course and the ST Mastery Program?
  • How can I become an ST Instructor?
  • And many more questions...

So get your answers HERE >>

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Part 4/4: Actualize Your Horse's Potential

Just a heads up....

THIS expires tomorrow!

Love 💕 to have you my FREE course, and didn't want you to miss out!

This is an overview of what you get in this FREE course:

✔️ FREE Video 1️⃣ 🇿🇦 : How to turn your challenging horse into a cooperative and loyal partner >>

✔️ FREE Video 2️⃣ 🇧🇷 : Never suffer from tension and stress in your horse's body and mind again >>

✔️ FREE Video 3️⃣ 🇺🇸 : How to deal with difficult riders at the barn and on social media >>

✔️ FREE Video 4️⃣ 🇳🇱 : How to optimize your knowledge, and skills and maximize your horse's potential >>

The reason the free course expires, is because it's part of a 🎉 GRAND OPENING 🎊I 'm doing, for my new Class for the ST Mastery Program:

Registration for the Mastery 2017 Class goes LIVE this Sunday 6 pm GMT (Western European Time).

So if you find yourself with a little time before Sunday evening…

Sign up for the FREE course, before it's too late >>

What is the difference between Straightness Training and…

Riders who want to develop their horse to the highest possible level when it comes to dressage...

... but are not (only) interested in

  • Sports dressage
  • Competition dressage
  • Modern dressage
  • Natural horsemanship riding
  • or trick training

... will often be attracted to the principles of the old grandmasters and their ‘classical’ way of training horses.

Nowadays, there are many classical styles available under the names:

  • Classical riding
  • Classical dressage
  • Classical equitation
  • Classical horsemanship
  • Classical art of riding
  • Academic art of riding
  • Academic riding
  • Art to ride
  • Art of riding
  • Art of horsemanship
  • Artistic dressage
  • Equestrian art
  • Baroque riding
  • Renaissance riding
  • German dressage
  • French dressage
  • Spanish riding
  • Italian school
  • Working equitation
  • Vaquero riding


So a frequently asked question is:

What's the difference between Straightness Training and these classical styles?

To give you the answer, let's first dive into some history...

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