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ST Instructor Clinic in the UK

In May, fourteen (of the eighteen) ST Instructors from six different countries and four continents came to the Straightness Training Instructor clinic in the UK for an amazing and intensive five days of training, learning and growing together.


From left to right: Christy Morley (UK), Roz Richmond (UK), Miriam Sherman (DE), Carolin Moldenhauer (DE), Dora Hebrock (US), Meg Brauch (US), Zaneta Georgiades (SA), Sandy Nye (AU), Wendy Poore (UK), Rebecca Gilbert (UK) and sitting in front: Rosan Veer (NL), Marijke de Jong (NL), Kim Steutel (NL), Anouk Wienia (NL) and Elaine Coxon (UK).

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Spectate & learn during one of our ST Events

What better way to learn and grow - and have a day or weekend all to yourself to immerse in ST - than to come to a Straightness Training Event?

As a spectator you'll learn a lot during one of our ST Events with one of our ST Instructors.

You will watch many lessons all day and you will be able to ask questions.

This will then really set you up for success to dive into your own laboratory at home with your own horse this spring.

Just go here to check out all upcoming ST Events:

► www.facebook.com/groups/StraightnessTrainingEvents

Make sure to 'like' and 'follow' the ST Event group so you'll get automatic updates on your timeline about all ST Events around the world.

Happy Straightness Training!

Be a researcher in your lab

In Straightness Training we encourage STudents to be a researcher in your own lab.

That is a metaphor we use in ST and it's about creating your own laboratory with your horses so you can experiment with the concepts, techniques and approaches you learn in ST.

It's a lab to put the theory into practice, to use the concepts, frameworks and tools and to fill in the details and to find the hidden lessons. Because we can walk the path with you, but we cannot do it for you. And it's better to not walk in the footsteps of the old grandmasters, but to search what they were searching for.

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