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ST Live Event 2015

z IMG_4805WOW!!!

What a great event it was, the Straightness Training Live Event 2015!!

In August 2015 about 70 amazing ST Mastery Students from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, US and the UK brought there good vibes and positive energy to the event!!

We had an amazing time together!!

It were 3 fantastic days of total immersion in Straightness Training and the central theme of the event was:

"How to become a Straightness Training Instructor".

Many ST (Trainee) Instructors from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands came to the event to give several lessons, presentations, workshops and demos with their lovely horses.

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Difference between Groundwork and Work in hand

All exercises such as the circle, shoulder-in, haunches-in, renvers, half-pass and pirouette, can be done h in Groundwork and in Work in hand.

The main difference is the equipment you use in Groundwork and Work in hand.

  • Groundwork is done with one rein or a single line
  • Work in hand is done with two reins

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