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5 Training Pillars of ST | #9

For 60 Seconds of ST #10, #11, #12, #13 CLICK HERE >>

The whole is more than the sum of its parts! That applies to the 5 training pillars of Straightness Training which are:

1. Groundwork
2. Longeing
3. Work in hand
4. Riding
5. Liberty

Each training pillar will add a different dimension to an exercise and all training pillars strengthen each other.

And especially the liberty pillar will help the other training pillars to evolve.

You will be amazed to experience the benefits that training at liberty will give to the other training pillars, because your horse will take much more responsiblity to keep the balance, suppleness, shape, direction, tempo and rhythm.

So you'll end up with not only self carriage in the body, but also in the mind!

And thanks to ST Instructor Kim Steutel for some 'behind the scenes' shots, so you'll have an idea of how these 60 Seconds of ST are filmed by Marc Marsman and his new 'Osmo' camera.

For 60 Seconds of ST #10, #11, #12, #13 CLICK HERE >>

How humble can one be facing so much greatness?

STory Heleen and VlexHere's the STory of ST Mastery student Heleen van Tongeren-Bouman, were she tells about the touching journey she made with her horse Vlex:

"How humble can one be facing so much greatness?

In the 9 years that my horse Vlex lives with me, I have been over the moon with him.
I have done many clinic's and lessons with well known instructors with him and he always performed well.

However...... I always felt he didn't use his back properly and he has always been very flexible in his body, like a snake.
I felt like a very untalented rider as I didn't achieve the light feeling I dreamed off, couldn't control his flexible body and I was disappointed in all the force and gear I had to use. Despite of all the books I have read, all the clinic's and lessons, it didn't feel good.

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Leap of faith

Vivienne-HarryCheck out the STory of ST Mastery student Vivienne Day and her adorable horse Harry:

"Hi everyone, I thought that I'd share Harry and my STory and some observations and pictures from yesterday with you all (it's a bit long, oops 🙂 ).

Our story started around 8 years ago when I went to see Harry at a dealer's yard and fell in love with him. He was a lot smaller then (I could lean over his back easily from the ground) and I didn't realise quite how young he was - the dealer had a new passport which was very uninformative. To this day I don't know his actual breeding or exactly how old he is.

Since then we've been on an incredible journey.

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