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Difference between Groundwork and Work in hand

All exercises such as the circle, shoulder-in, haunches-in, renvers, half-pass and pirouette, can be done h in Groundwork and in Work in hand.

The main difference is the equipment you use in Groundwork and Work in hand.

  • Groundwork is done with one rein or a single line
  • Work in hand is done with two reins

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ST Instructor Clinic in Brazil - 2015

I just wrapped up the ST Instructor Clinic in Brazil – AMAZING experience!!

The Brazilian ST Trainee Instructors Victor Gueiros Freire, Marianne Van De Sande Lee and Juliana Dorneles showed great progress, not only in their journey to become the best horse trainer they can be, but also in their journey to become an inspirational teacher, who adds great value to and who makes a true difference in the lives of humans and horses.


It was so great to help not only Victor, Marianne and Ju, but also ST Mastery student Helene Ecklin, Beatriz Lefèvre and Victor's stable managers Willian Pinheiro and Afonso Da Silva in taking the next steps towards the next levels in Straightness Training during 4 intensive days.

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Is lowering the horse’s neck enough?

is-lowering-of-the-head-enoughThe forward-down tendency and lowering the horses neck is an important part of riding horses, and it's the second key of Straightness Training, but it is not the only part!

When a rider rides a horse only in forward-down – without engaging the hind legs in a proper way – the following symptoms might arise:

  • The horse leans on the rein and uses the hand of the rider for support, like a fifth leg.
  • The horsae might stumble and overreach because the front legs are too slow leaving the ground.
  • The horse will develop only pushing ability and not any carrying ability , so he will never learn to carry the rider in balance.
  • Due to the weight of the rider that is added to the front legs, strain injuries can occur.
  • The horse moves "downhill”.

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