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What to do when your horse gets bored?

boringWhen riders start a new method, then - after practicing the basics a few times - they often say that "their horse gets bored".

Now, most of the time it's a projection of our own 'boredom';

  • When we are only practicing the 'names' of the exercise and not really the 'essence', that might lead to loss of interest.
  • Or when we are only concentrating on the WHAT of an exercise and not on the WHY, that might also lead to a 'dull' training.
  • Boredom also arises if we start to compare with yesterday. When we start to expect: when we stop having an open mind for all the tiny details, when we stop being just curious and interested in what happens, when we stop having a beginner's mind, when we stop appreciating. 

Here are eight tips to avoid boredom:

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ST Event Group now Public

Our ST Event Facebook Group is a central place where details of ST events, clinics, workshops and lessons with licensed ST Instructors can be found, and this group is meant to create an overview of all ST events that are being organized around the world in 2016.


Until yesterday, the ST Event Group was 'CLOSED' group, but we have changed the group settings to 'PUBLIC' group because of the following reasons:

  • All the events will now be visible to the public
  • The timeline with new created events will be visible to everyone
  • The events can be easily shared by everyone
  • Everyone can easily join and see he's joining or not

Just click on this link to visit and to (re)join the group:

www.facebook.com/groups/StraightnessTrainingEvents/ Read More..

How to deal with imperfect conditions?


  • What if your arena turns into a swimming pool every time it rains?
  • And afterwards are in the mud?
  • What to do if you are covered in snow?
  • What if your outdoor arena is covered in a sheet of ice?
  • And the ground is slick and slippery?
  • What if you have nowhere to go to practice because of the hot sun?

Well you could do just nothing and wait....

But if you wait for the perfect conditions you'll never get anything done!

So here are some ideas and alternatives on how to deal with imperfect conditions.

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Get Better Quality Problems

get-better-quality-problemsThe #1 problem most riders have is that they think "you’re not supposed to have any problems". But the problem isn't that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem. The only problem we really have is we think we're not supposed to have problems 😉
Riders want to have no problems in their lives as a horse trainer, but don’t realize that if this was the case they wouldn’t grow or become stronger. Remember, the path of resistance will always make you grow. Without problems we would not grow.

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