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Collection on the longe line

collection-on-the-longe-line-3At the moment I am teaching Prince Elmelund collection on the longe line.

This is still 'work in progress' but he's getting better and better.

In our communication I have to wait a little until he's mentally seen really ready to collect, and sometimes it's better to go a little bit more forward again first, before going to the utmost possible physical collection to avoid disturbance of  the rhythm and to avoid getting too much weight on the front legs.

So by asking him gradually to collect, he's giving the best possible performance in collection.

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Pirouette from the concave side

This is my horse Romanesque in the canter pirouette and I ask it from the 'groundwork' position, that's when you are positioned on the horse's concave side, then the horse will be cantering towards you.

You can also do the canter pirouette when you are positioned on the convex side of the horse, then the horse will turn away from you. I will make a video of that soon 😉

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ST Open Clinic UK - Reports & Insights


On August 15/16 ST fans from the UK gathered together for the ST Open Clinic.

8 Riders received 1 on 1 tuition 3 times during the weekend, and spectactors could watch all these lessons, which allowed them to see beautiful, interesting and valuable things develop right in front of their eyes.

3 ST Trainee Instructors who are part of the ST Instructor Program 2015 joined this clinic and made a short report about it. And over 25 spectactors shared their Number #1 Insights they gained out of this clinic...

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