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Sneak Peak Into Episode #1 of the FREE Mini Mastery Course

On the one hand...

My free 4-part mini mastery course is packed with heaps of game-changing information and it gives you valuable insights and tips on how to instantly improve the relationship, communication and motivation of your horse.

On the other hand...

This free course also covers the Straightness Training Tour around the Atlantic, with Mastery clinics in South Africa , Brazil , the United States and the Netherlands.


This is what you get in episode #1:

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Get Marijke de Jong's Free 4-Part Video Series

I believe that the world needs riders who have an amazing relationship and magnificant life with their horses.

A world without unnecessary suffering for horses and riders, because life’s too short to suffer.

That's why I will share with you many of the concepts, tactics and strategies that helped riders across the world to overcome struggles, plateaus, setbacks, and challenges with their horses.

Because I deeply believe that you too can turn things around and make a positive difference for your horse!

Or, in case you're not struggling:

For sure, you can get to the next levels of you and your horse's abilities, while having a fun and fulfilling life with your horse along the way!

No matter your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to be the change you want to see in the horse world!

So that's why I made 4 FREE training videos for you, to help you further on your personal path to mastery!

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Finish This Year Strong! Let Me Help! (Free Download)

wheel-of-st-masteryIt’s October, which means the year is ¾ over!

The last quarter of the year is very important for you to stay strong with your goals and you can make a huge difference to your bottom line this year!

Therefore, fall is a great season for evaluating your growth, wrapping up loose ends and prioritizing the goals that will benefit you and your horse the most.

So let's finish the year strong...

And the Wheel of Mastery will help you with that!

In preparation for ST Mastery opening for enrollment very soon - something that only happens once or twice per year and with very limited space - I want to give you a taste of what ST Mastery is all about by presenting you the Wheel of Mastery.

Because to become the best horse trainer you can be, it's not only about mastering your horse training skills...

You also have to find the right balance of attention for other areas of mastery, such as:

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Checklist: How To Move Your Horse To A New Home?

Moving home will cause both you and your horse to leave the comfort zone, so for sure it will be 'stretchful', but it doesn't have to be stressful.

It just requires planning and here are a few things I learned from my experience in moving from the Netherlands to Portugal.

So let's wrap up the 'Moving to Portugal' series with the checklist with 3️⃣8️⃣ items on how to move a horse to a new home.

And I hope that - for those who will move their horses in the (near) future - it will help you and your horse to have your transition as close to comfortable as possible.

Now in this checklist, I divided the entire transition - from the old to the new home - into 6 phases:

  1. Early preparation
  2. Getting ready for transport
  3. Stress-free loading
  4. Traveling to your new location
  5. Arrival at the new home
  6. Reduce risks in the first week
  7. Settling down

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