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Pirouettes in hand

May 2013

Romanesque is developping very well in the pirouettes in hand with a single line and a cavesson. This is also called advanced groundwork.

On the left you see a pirouette in walk, in the middle a renvers-pirouette in trot and on the right a canter pirouette:

Romanesque Romanesque Romanesque

Lowering the neck forward-down

The first step of straightness training is lateral bend of the horse.

With lateral bend, we mean the bending of the body to the left or right.

By stretching short muscles and contracting long, weak muscles, the horse can bend laterally to both sides.

By stretching the outside of the body, the back muscle on that side lengthens.

A long back muscle cannot keep the head of the horse up, causing the horse to lower its head into a forward-down position.

More information can be found here: 6 Keys of Straightness Training >>