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ST USA Clinic at Narnia Stables

st-clinic-in-the-usThe first Straightness Training clinic in the US has wrapped up, and what a great clinic it was!!

A big thank you to Meg Brauch and Luther Brauch for putting together a clinic to really kick off ST in the US.

And many thanks to the clinic two and four legged participants!

What a fantastic group of open minded, positive, supportive, thoughtful, and warm hearted people that traveled to the clinic at Narnia Stables, Ashford, Connecticut! They came from all over the US and even Canada, and some had their roots in the Netherlands and Sweden!

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Toronto and Rosan Veer

ST Trainee Instructor Rosan Veer in action with Toronto:

Toronto-and-Rosan-Veer-1 Toronto-and-Rosan-Veer-2

Rosan Veer: "What an amazing and inspiring days I’ve had! Together with my fellow Straightness Training trainee instructors Anouk and Zaneta (who came all the way from South Africa!) I was invited to Marijke's ‘horselab’.

I had the honour to work with Toronto, a real giant compared to Ciaran! But a very lovely giant 🙂

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