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Horses scratching each other

Horses who like each other spend a lot of time grazing side-by-side. It is also common to groom each other and when doing this they use their front teeth to scratch each other.

When they are mutually grooming each other, they are scratching each other and nibbling along each other's withers, crest, back and croup.

Horses do this to bond with each other and they live by the philosophy 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch your.'

Here you see Toronto and Oscar scratching each other:

Maestro & Noora Ehnqvist

June 2013

On 17 & 18 June, Noora Ehnqvist, Claudia Wolters en I exchanged knowledge and experience, together with our horses, including Maestro!

Noora combined straightness training at liberty with her own perspectives, resulting in a wonderful togetherness.

Noora always says "We Are The Example" when it comes to physics, attitudes, emotions and spirit. By giving a good example, the horse follows in the same direction.

Noora Ehnqvist Noora Ehnqvist

Pirouettes in hand

May 2013

Romanesque is developping very well in the pirouettes in hand with a single line and a cavesson. This is also called advanced groundwork.

On the left you see a pirouette in walk, in the middle a renvers-pirouette in trot and on the right a canter pirouette:

Romanesque Romanesque Romanesque