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Horses Don't Want To Be A Happy Flat-liner

Horses love to be in the "comfort zone", but too much comfort feels uncomfortable after a while.

It’s the same with us humans:

  • We’d love to do things.
  • To take action.

But after a while…

  • We’d like to relax from that activity.
  • And put one’s feet up.

But after a while...

  • We start to feel a sort of restless again.
  • So we start to take action again.

It’s a natural cycle.

And it's the same with horses:

  • Now in the wild, Mother Nature will take care of it, and the “stretch" zone arises automatically.
  • But in the domesticated world, our horse spends his time in comfortable, but more unnatural conditions. But as contradictory as it may sound: too much "comfort zone" may lead to discomfort because:

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Miriam and the journey to self-Mastery

ST Instructor Miriam Sherman shares the insights she gained while progressing on her ST journey.

Those insights made a big difference to her!

So let's get inspired and read more about what the most important thing is:

  • that enabled her to reach further
  • to make huge progress in all areas of her life
  • and to develop wider, broader and deeper!

This is what Miriam has to say about her journey:

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Zaneta's insights about the Evaluation Process

ST Instructor and manager of the ST Evaluation system Zaneta Georgiades shares her latest insights about her evaluation process.

The cool thing is that she is not only managing the Evaluations 'behind the scenes' and evaluating Touchstones of students.

She also actively takes part in the process of submitting Touchstones herself.

So she writes about the process of submitting Touchstones from the inside out, where she deals with:

  • losing some essences and finding it back again
  • 'blame and shame' gremlins
  • making mistakes
  • and finally, finding the art!

Zaneta has this to share about the evaluation process:

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Zaneta & Delightful | Longeing Grade 4 Journey

ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa passed the Longeing Grade 4 Touchstone with her gelding Delightful!


Here is the video link to her fourth submission for which she received a 2-star score, and which had 3-star elements in it:

In the process, Zaneta submitted four Longeing videos on the level of Grade 4, and received four lessons.

And we discussed all four lessons in the May Mastermind Session with all Mastery students.

Zaneta shared more details about her learning process and insights into her own laboratory, and this is what she had to say:

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