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How To deal With Nipping, Grabbing, Biting Issues?

When we start training a horse, especially from the ground, we guide our horse's head:

  • We lead our horse our horse from A to B
  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • We ask for forward down at a standstill
  • We ask for circles on the longe line
  • We teach him the laterals in hand

Now if we are not aware of certain training principles, all these situations can lead to nipping, biting, grabbing or pushing behavior in our horse.

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Lisa Schrepfer & Arnold passed Grade 1

ST Mastery student Lisa Schrepfer from Germany passed Liberty 1 with her gelding Arnold and with that Touchstone she passed all 5 Touchstones in Grade 1!


Lisa has some great insights to share about the Mastery and Evaluation Program, and how it has helped her on her wonderful ST journey:

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