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Areas of Straightness Training

In Straightness Training we not only strive for a balanced body, but also for balance in mind, emotions and spirit, in both human and horse.

Because a horse in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is a pleasure to work with!

And a rider in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is a pleasure to work with for the horse!

When everything is in balance you can conquer the world with your horse!

So in Straightness Training we have the following areas of Straightness Training:


A balanced horse

balanced-horseThe end result of proper Straightness Training is a balanced horse on all 4 levels:

  • On a physical level; a horse that is symmetrical in body, limbs and movements.
  • On a mental level; an open, focused, willing, polite and interested horse.
  • On an emotional level: a relaxed, calm, confident horse that feels comfortable, content, and peaceful.
  • On a spiritual level: a horse that shows his pride and dignity and has an awake and authentic spirit.

A relaxed, supple, strong and straightened body will have a positive effect on the horse's mind and emotions, because he causes him to feel comfortable, confident, calm and trustful and willing to learn new things. Through years of training the horse's wisdom will increase and his dignity, pride and inner strength will come to fruition.

In Straightness Training the rider is the horse's personal fitness trainer and development coach, so you can help the horse to achieve balance both on the outside and inside and the horse can reach his full potential at all four levels.

Straightness Training will help you to develop balance in your horse in all areas and you will notice that you will personally develop in all areas as a trainer, and indirectly as a human being, as well!

A balanced rider

war-horseAs a rider, we must lead by example. Riders expect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perfection of their horse, but some rider show lack of focus on their own body, mind, emotions and spirit. However, when the rider's balance is lacking on the inside and outside, it is difficult to be a useful and inspiring trainer for the horse.

Therefore, we must make sure we eat healthy, that we practice Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or doing other exercises and to develop ourselves mentally. We must not only learn how to train our horses and develop our trainer qualities, but we must also develop ourselves daily in all areas to reach our full potential as a horse trainer;

  • On a physical level; a rider that is symmetrical in body, limbs and movements and strives for 'more with less' when it comes to giving aids and cues.
  • On a mental level; a rider with an empowering attitude and lack of 'Gremlins', and who understands how horses learn and what they need, and who knows the what, why, when and how of all exercises.

By daily focusing on constant and continuous improvement in many areas, we can be the best rider and trainer who we can be.

relationship-horse-riderA balanced relationship

When we develop and improve our horse and ourselves at all levels, the relationship with our horse will increasingly broaden and deepen. We will end up in a respectful, pure and honest relationship full off harmony, togetherness and oneness.

In this relationship we can guide our horse to become more flexible and stronger in his body and we can encourage him to do so in a calm, relaxed, confident, proud way in which he can trust and respect us.

Our horse will therefore look forward to be with us, to train with us, to do things together instead of running away when he sees us at the gate.

If something is out of balance, see it as a challenge

Don't worry if something is out of balance, just see it as a challenge, as an opportunity to learn something and to grow!


Straightness Training will help you to find balance in all areas.

Every day you and your horse will become a better version of yourselves and this process will never end, there is always room for improvement!

Learning how to balance all areas brings fulfillment and abundance to each day for you and your horse!

STart today!

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