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Feelings of the Horse

Horse's emotions are about the feelings of the horse, they express how a horse feels.

The emotions and feelings of the horse can be either positive or negative, depending on the situation.

Horse's emotionsPositive feelings and emotions are:

  • Feeling excited when you arrive, because he knows he will get a carrot;
  • Feeling secure and safe;
  • Feeling calm and relaxed;
  • Feeling playful.

Negative feelings and emotions are:

  • Feeling stressed;
  • Feeling insecure and unsafe;
  • Feeling frustrated, annoyed or irritated.

It's very important for riders to understand equine emotions and how to bring a horse in a positive state with positive feelings.

Because only in a positive state a horse is able to learn and to cooperate with the rider.

If he is stressed he cannot learn, because he will be in a state of fear, and than he will use another part of his brain, instead of the part where the learning takes place.

3 Tips on How to Keep your Horse in a Positive State


Tip #1: Be a Leader for your Horse

When the horse perceives you as his leader, as his coach, he will follow your directions, he will respect you, trust you, feel safe and he will be docile, willing and accommodating.

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Tip #2: Master Your Own Energy

Your horse is constantly observing you and reading your energy and emotions. And horses are often a reflection of their owners. So you have to be aware that your energy influences the horse and the way he behaves. Therefore you have to master your own emotions and energy, so you can always stay in a calm and positive state.

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Tip #3: Inspire Your Horse

If your horse is interested in and inspired by you, if he’s motivated to work with you and if he’s attracted to you, you have more chances to get your horse in a positive state.

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Comment author said

By Barbara Wood on 22 May 2016 at 22:24

Yes, it is soo amazing how your horse (horses) read your state of mind, and pick up your vibes!!We need to understand them much more and much better!


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