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4 Reasons to have a STudy Buddy!

4-reasons-to-have-a-study-buddyDo you work better in a team?

Or do you like having someone to go through the process and to share ups and downs with?

Then a STudy Buddy may be perfect for you! It's also a great way to increase your chances of succeeding with Straightness Training.

Have a look at these STudy Buddy STories:

Miriam Sherman and Carolin Moldenhauer got to know each other via Straightness Training at the beginning of their ST Mastery journey in 2013. Carolin lives in the middle of Germany and Miriam 450 km further down in the South of Germany. They connected through Facebook, email and by phone and supported each other in their ST journey's. They helped each other with their assignments and became good friends. Together they made it to the ST Instructor program and now they are on the path to become a licensed ST Evaluator.

study-buddy-teamAlso Elaine Coxon and Roz Richmond from the UK became STudy Buddies. They met at a ST clinic in the UK in 2013 and the've been STudy buddies and become very good friends as well. Also Roz her dear friend Rebecca Gilbert - who introduced Roz to ST - is part of this STudy Team. Also Elaine and Roz became ST Instructors and are now in the ST Evaluator Program.

It's so great how ST brings people together all over the world and here'a s list with 4 reasons to have a STudy Buddy:

1. Motivate each other

Staying motivated is one of the big challenges when you are the only one in the riding arena - or in your country - doing Straightness Training. The benefits of having someone to rely on and who supports you no matter what, can make it much more pleasant and enjoyable. Often the training process can seem a bit lonely as you spend hours investigating and 'trial and error' in your own laboratory alone in your own country, and having a STudy buddy means you can motivate and support each other and make the whole experience a lot more fun.

2. Teach each other

Your  STudy Buddy may be able to help you understand concepts that you are difficult for you. Also, explaining concepts to someone else and discussing concept with someone else is a great learning method in itself as it allows you to widen, broaden and deepen what you have learnt. By STudying with someone else you have someone to help you figure out how to tackle certain concepts.

2. Two heads are better than one

You are much more likely to stick to a program and to keep to a program if there are two of you instead of one. Having a STudy Buddy can make learning easier and more fun. You will be studying the same program and doing the same assignments and touchstones, so combining your knowledge and skills will stimulate your growth process. You can also view each other’s work before submitting and provide each other with valuable feedback.

4. Keeping you on track

st-trainee-instructors-in the-liberty-labYou are much more likely to keep to a study & training schedule if you are not alone. STudy Buddies can work on a joint schedule to help both buddies keep on track by reminding each other of their choosen deadlines or Touchstones due dates. STudying with someone else also gives a sense of accountability: having someone who expects you on a weekly or daily basis to have done a certain amount of training with your horse makes you more inclined to do it. Even if you do not have time to spend hours together online or on the phone, in addition to training, the short moments of connecting with eachother can be very uplifting.

You can benefit fully from having a STudy Budy and of course it depends on you, the STudy Buddy you choose to work with, and how compatible your personalities, goals, work ethic and study habits are, whether or not you can get the most out of it.

So far there are many success STories with STudy Buddies, so good luck in finding yourself a STudy Buddy!

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