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Finish This Year Strong! Let Me Help! (Free Download)

wheel-of-st-masteryIt’s October, which means the year is ¾ over!

The last quarter of the year is very important for you to stay strong with your goals and you can make a huge difference to your bottom line this year!

Therefore, fall is a great season for evaluating your growth, wrapping up loose ends and prioritizing the goals that will benefit you and your horse the most.

So let's finish the year strong...

And the Wheel of Mastery will help you with that!

In preparation for ST Mastery opening for enrollment very soon - something that only happens once or twice per year and with very limited space - I want to give you a taste of what ST Mastery is all about by presenting you the Wheel of Mastery.

Because to become the best horse trainer you can be, it's not only about mastering your horse training skills...

You also have to find the right balance of attention for other areas of mastery, such as:

1. Your physical body
2. Your mind & emotions
3. Relationships
4. Time
5. Horsemanship
6. Groundwork
7. Riding
8. Spiritual Growth & Fulfillment

Now if all areas are in balance, the wheel will be round and your journey will go smooth...

If not, the wheel becomes wonky and might fall off the wagon 😉

So scheduling time and energies for all parts is important to develop in balanced way all the way to the best version of yourself.

The Wheel of Mastery helps you identify areas that need more attention to become the best horse trainer you can be in 2018.

Download the free and easy-to-use Wheel of Mastery Worksheet now and check for yourself how your wheel is at the moment and what key areas YOU feel you need more balance in 2018.

And make sure to check out the inspiring examples of fellow STudents here:

▶︎  Click HERE For The Free Wheel Of Mastery Worksheet >>

Get started now and I'm excited to share more with you soon!


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One thought on “Finish This Year Strong! Let Me Help! (Free Download)

Comment author said

By Brenda on 17 November 2017 at 23:02

So far I think the wheel of mastery is the one tool I will be most challenged by. I really like the visual of what I need to focus on for my own balance.


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