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What's your horse's hoof preference?

  • Does your horse lean on the inside or the outside shoulder during riding?
  • Does he puts the same leg always forward and the other always backward during grazing?
  • Does he always take the same canter lead no matter what rein?
  • Does he suffer from navicular disease?

That may have to do with the natural hoof preference of the horse. Just like humans, horses are left- or right handed. So one front leg is stronger than the other and has the tendency to carry more weight than the other.

Horses have a hoof preference and this is easily seen with foals.

Foals are unequal in using their front legs from birth. Because of their long legs and short neck, they often spread their legs wide. They always have one leg further forward and one leg further back. This forward leg is also called the ‘grazing leg’.


With older horses it’s sometimes more difficult to determine.

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