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The Early Bird Catches Two Worms

Exactly one year ago, we arrived in Portugal!

And the day of arriving, I could feel that this was the right place for us: the horses where immediately comfortable and at ease, and everything was beautiful and sunny! Even my 24 yo Maestro enjoys his life here very much: he's full of energy and neighs every morning from the full chest when the day begins (I'll make a video of that soon).

Now moving to Portugal is the best decision we've made in 2017, and we're very lucky to be able to live here and to share our horse training experiences with you from the newly built arena.

And it's really fascinating to start from scratch after 10 months of holiday for the horses and to get back on track. It's such a pleasure and privilege to work with them because they are very motivated, giving their all, so it's really fun to shoot new videos.

Therefore, for the future, we have many plans to create even more value and educational videos, so we can help, inspire and serve riders from all over the world even better!

And I cannot wait to meet the new group of Mastery Students in the Mastery 2018 Class that we're about to start in our ST Academy this month:

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Effective & Efficient Training

After a couple of weeks of groundwork and longeing, we did an observing session at liberty:

  • It showed that Prince Elmelund is mentally seen ready to deliver.
  • But physically seen, he still lacks the muscles and core strength after 10 months of holidays and a bit of training.

Now when it comes to self-carriage, we need it both in body and mind.

And it's a bit the chicken and the egg, what is needed first?

Well, it doesn't matter what came first, we need both!

This means:

  • The liberty work will get better physically seen, once the self-carriage in the body is developed in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, and riding pillar.
  • And those other 4 pillars will get better mentally seen, once our horse gives his Best Aikido at liberty, expressing self-carriage in the mind.

Now with is self-carriage in the mind exactly?
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