What is your riding goal?

When it comes to riding it's always good to start with the 'why'. Why do you want to ride? And what is your goal?

- Do you just want to have a happy, healthy horse?
- Do you want to have a balanced horse so you can hack out?
- Or would you like to jump 1.60 m?
- Do you want to reach the top in competitions?
- Or would you like to ride with 5 horses at liberty?
- Do you want to learn western riding?
- Or do you want to master classical equitation?
- Or the academic art of riding?
- Or something else?

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Difference between Groundwork and Work in hand

All exercises such as the circle, shoulder-in, haunches-in, renvers, half-pass and pirouette, can be done h in Groundwork and in Work in hand.

The main difference is the equipment you use in Groundwork and Work in hand.

  • Groundwork is done with one rein or a single line
  • Work in hand is done with two reins

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