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Difference Home Study Course - ST Mastery

The stand alone ST Home Study Course (HSC) is a stand-alone course that is not part of the ST Academy.

The ST Mastery Program, ST Evaluation Program and ST Instructo Program are part of the ST Academy.

The St Mastery Entry Course is a great place to take the first step on your personal path to mastery and the full mastery program is the advanced program that goes all the way up to the highest levels of mastery.

Overview differences

The main differences are outlined in the diagram below, where you can see them at a glance:


The ST Home Study Course is a great place to start. The HSC is intended to be an introduction to ST. It raises awareness of natural asymmetry and the problems it causes when riding horses. It introduces the main principles of ST, and explains the fundamental frameworks of ST. With this knowledge the basics of ST can be introduced into the training practices of the HSC members.

The HSC is intended as an 'appetizer' to the professional ST Academy, which forms a complete educational training system for working and improving a life time in training horses. 

The HSC relies on self-study, whilst the ST Mastery Entry course and full Mastery Program include personal coaching and individual feedback through live consults and video lessons.

The ST Mastery Entry Course is meant to lower the threshold to enter the ST Academy when it comes to time and funds.

However, if you want the full package or if you want to master Straightness Training until the higher levels, than the ST Mastery Program is the place to be.

The ST Mastery Program is part of Marijke de Jong's ST Academy and it consists of an extensive library of videos and manuals, and this 'Encyclopedia of Straightness Training' covers every little detail on every aspect of ST, from basic to advanced level.

As a Mastery member you'll get feedback and coaching on your work through the ST Evaluation Program. The structured ST Evaluation program is designed to evaluate and measure the level of skill of rider and horse. Through videos, rider and horse can demonstrate their ability to perform the ST exercises that are outlined in ST Mastery.

When Mastery students have passed a certain set of evaluations in the training components groundwork, longeingwork in hand, riding and liberty, they can enroll in the international ST Instructor Program, to become professional ST Trainers and help to spread ST around the world.


Here's what to do next:

You can do two things:

  1. Either you join our free Mini Mastery Course to check if the full Mastery Program is something for you.
  2. Or you can start with the Mastery Entry Course to think big, but start small.

1. Join ST Mini Mastery

To get an idea what the full ST Mastery Program is about, please join the 4 part Mini Mastery Course that is up and running at the moment to take the first steps on your path of becoming a master Straightness Trainer!

It’s 100% free and it covers the basics of Straightness Training.

This mini course and its 4 videos are free to give you a taste what ST Mastery is all about.

And at the end of the mini course you can enroll in the Mastery 2017 Class.

So don't miss out on this free course while it's still available and join the mini course now:

.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.• Click HERE to Join the FREE ST Mini Mastery Course >>

2. Think Big, Start Small

If you want to start directly with the ST Mastery Entry course, just click here:

Click HERE to Join the ST Mastery Entry Course >>


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