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26 June 2008

Cleaning the hoofs is going really well. He even gives his hindhoofs himself.

Today it was Prince Elmelund's turn to go to the farrier, and that went excellent!

He gave his feet without any reluctance. He also placed them easily on the hoofstand. Good boy!

Habituation is the magic word. The first day he was not even OK with me looking at his legs, through 'training' he now thinks it is all very normal. Training was done as follows:

  • touching and brushing the front legs only above the knee
  • after a few days the entire leg
  • when this went well, lift the front leg very briefly
  • holding the front leg a little longer (by 'shaking' when he pulls back, the horse gives again, and you can hold the leg longer)
  • touching the hoof with a hoof pick
  • cleaning the hooves with the hoof pick
  • same procedure with the hind legs. Hind legs are initially lifted with a long line for safety
  • put the horse's legs between your legs like the farrier does
  • after two months the horse will be completely farrier-proof and he will be calm and behaving well with the farrier
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