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ST Evaluators passed the Groundwork Exams

evaluator-congratsCongratulations to the following ST Instructors and ST Evaluators on passing their exams in the ST Evaluator Program:

GROUNDWORK 1 EVALUATION EXAM (in alphabetica order):


Well done all of you! (y) ūüôā <3

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First ST Clinic in Germany


ST Mastery students from Germany, Austria, UK, US, Netherlands, Italy and Slovenia gathered together for the first ST Clinic in Germany in June and we had a great time together!

ST Instructors Miriam Sherman and Carolin Moldenhauer from Germany did a great job in hosting this first clinic.

And ST Instructor Rosan Veer from the Netherlands made some wonderful and inspirational pictures!

In the report you'll find helpful explanations and valuable comments alongside each pic!

Click HERE for the Photo Report with over 50 Pictures >>


11 Guidelines for Laminitic Horses

laminitisWhen winter is coming to an end, the days become longer and the grass begins to grow. Then many horses in Europe return to the fields.

But not for all horses this has been a happy moment.

Although young, fresh grass appears to be a nice addition to the regular food, it also brings risks with it.

The combination of clear sun and cold nights in spring create very high sugar levels in the new grass and this can be dangerous for grazing horses and ponies.

Huge amounts of sugar can lead to the disease 'laminitis' and every year many horses get acute laminitis where the horse is severly crippled and in pain. Recovery from this disease might take months.

Therefore I made some guidelines on how to prevent this disease, how to treat a horse with laminitis and how to get back to 'work' when the horse is back on its feet:

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Fab Four at Liberty

juggler4ballsDoing liberty with four horses for the first time really made me feel like a beginner juggler, trying to keep all four balls in the air at the same time;

Because¬†either I lost them all, or I lost three of them, or two, but¬†finally I could keep them all in the air, phew ūüėČ .

In this juggling challenge I merged two solid duos:

  • Duo¬†1: Romanesque &¬†Prince Elmelund
  • Duo¬†2: Maestro &¬†Toronto

The members of each duo can get along really well and know the concept when they work together as a team at liberty. And all four horses are living together 24/7, so I thought it would not be such a big deal to merge these two duos to one team of four.

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