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A Confession But I'm Not Sorry


I did not train my horses for 10 months.

And that might sound weird for a professional horse trainer.

People assume that you train all day every day...

That you keep the momentum...

That it’s never a struggle to stay on track.

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2018 Blog Post Overview

Today, it's the last day of July.

August begins in just one day, and with the change in month, we also start the final five months of the year.

Now, what are you going to do start August off right?

Could your next 5 months be better than the last 7 months?

What would actually happen when you decide TODAY to take full responsibility for everything you're going to do the next 5 months?

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2mm; The Devil Is In The Detail

Have you ever tried playing golf?

I did, and then you know that the slightest adjustment in your swing can mean the difference between 'slicing' and 'shanking' the ball or driving it perfectly down the green.

So when the club is 2mm too much to the left the ball will go hugely to the left ending up in the woods, and when the club is 2mm too much too the right, the ball will go hugely to the right.

So the devil is in the detail.

And have you noticed the difference between the Olympic medal winners, the ones who won gold, silver, bronze and number 4?

Most of the time it’s only 2mm, or 2 milliseconds or 2% that makes a difference in being on the pedestal or not, and on which position.

And when taking a shower: it’s almost never the right temperature from the start, you first have to adjust it with 2mm at a time to have the perfect temperature.

It’s the same with Straightness Training: Read More..