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Miriam and the journey to self-Mastery

ST Instructor Miriam Sherman shares the insights she gained while progressing on her ST journey.

Those insights made a big difference to her!

So let's get inspired and read more about what the most important thing is:

  • that enabled her to reach further
  • to make huge progress in all areas of her life
  • and to develop wider, broader and deeper!

This is what Miriam has to say about her journey:

"I don’t call myself a talented horsewoman nor did I have the possibility to grow up with regular riding lessons or a good horse trainer who had a positive influence on me about horse training or understanding: we just had our ponies behind the house as many others had, and we just did the best we could then.

But doing fully Straightness Training over the last years (I joined in 2011) I realize the impact it had and has on me and how much it triggered my personal development.

Marijke saw something in me and gave me the chance to become an ST Instructor. I still feel very humble about that.

And I can tell you one thing…

From that moment on I am working consistently and hard on myself to improve in all sectors: to be a good mum to my kids, a good wife, to master my other non-ST office job, learn and grow in every aspect, become better and better in training horses, to deeply understand them, to help my students in a productive way giving my knowledge and experience, reflecting on myself every day at bed time, getting up early with a plan for the day to not miss a thing or waste unnecessary time for useless stuff….in other words: my journey to self-mastery is rolling.

I know today that hard work and dedication, many hours of training, re-reading the theory, watching videos over and over, practising day by day, week by week, month by month, year after year, not giving up if things do not go well, not allowing my gremlins to hunt me (sometimes they do find a weak moment though), adjusting my approach again and again… all that is part of the journey.

With a lot of effort, discipline and perseverance you polish and develop your skills and then you will achieve and climb high mountains, which seemed impossible before.

I have once posted a quote from Zig Ziglar, where my horse Misfit is showing the Levade…it says: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them”.

And that is so true.

Even though I might not achieve Grade 5 with my older Mastery horse Misfit as he turned 21 now, my young horse Lucano and many other horses will benefit from my knowledge and the authentic me: the person I am today.

Maybe you will not reach the ultimate target, but you will learn and get a lot during the journey you made till then.

Lucano is 3 years old now (I bought him when he was 2 months old) and he is my so called‚ 'ST project horse‘. My plan and goal are to train this young boy from scratch using the principles and philosophy of ST combined with my experience, understanding, and knowledge of horse training.

I am still on my journey with Misfit (having him now 17 years) learning new things day by day as we are exploring some Grade 4 stuff in Longeing and Liberty at the moment. I have worked quite a lot in these two training pillars over the last year and discovered the true meaning of how well the pillars build onto each other and how well the exercises blend into each other.

I just realized watching old training videos of Misfit how beautiful he developed over the years. He taught and is teaching me so much and I look very much forward to many more years exploring the ST in depth.

With Lucano, I experienced wonderful moments lately doing standstill exercises and some lovely LFS steps on the circle. Just a few minutes a few times a week or even less, approaching him with a big smile, inviting him to join me for a playful training session.

I am totally relaxed as I believe today that he will be a wonderful ST horse and it does not matter how long the development will take as I am convinced it works if you trust the process.

Keep an eye on my profile or fan page to follow the progress of my boys."

~ ST Instructor Miriam Sherman, Germany


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