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Pure eyes

hans-tzeng2Here's a lovely STory from ST Mastery student Hans Tzeng 曾漢斯 from Taiwan.

"Today when we did the groundwork, two kids got into the arena, playing around and asking some innocent but significant questions. I felt like I gave a mini introduction on ST to two little girls!!

Kids: What are you doing ?

Me: We are practicing, learning how to move better.

Kids: You are doing dressage, aren't you? (how do they know this word?) What are these movements for ?

hans-tzengMe: It's like gymnastics for people, different movements train different muscles.

Kids: Why you do more on one side ?

Me: Can you tell me, which side is stiffer for this horse? (we made circles to the right and left)

Kids : Right side. Obvious.

Me: Good for you. You are right. So the horse is asymmetric. So we need to gradually help them to develop evenly.

I really enjoy this little conversation with these two little girls. Their eyes are pure."

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