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Do you want to master ST?

Then the ST Mastery Program is right for you!

The ST Mastery Program offers you a rich and rewarding and balanced exercise program to get your horse fit and strong, no matter what breed or age.

The program accomplishes great things for a wide range of people and horses, and it can be practiced just about anytime and anywhere in the world.

The ST Mastery Program is a balanced, safe and effective approach and it addresses both general and specific goals - whether these goals involve sports performance, injury prevention or 'just' the need for better overall fitness and health for your horse. The ST Mastery Program helps to keep your horse's body, mind and soul aligned throughout his lifetime. With regular practice your horse will look great and feel amazing!

ST Mastery is meant to be the Encyclopedia of Straightness Training and it consists of a library of modules that can be referred to over the course of a lifetime! The program teaches you how you can become an ST expert and how you can become the best horse trainer you can be.

As a Mastery student you'll experience that your way of horse training will support an improvement in your horse's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  And the wonderful thing about this program is that you’ll reach like-minded ST students all across the world.

And you never have to leave home. The ST Mastery Program is a comprehensive guide to practicing Straightness Training at home. All exercises are described and explained through an extensive library of videos and manuals, so that you can more fully understand each exercise in all essential training pillars of Straightness Training: groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty.

ST Mastery is a unique educational program in which you'll get step-by-step coaching, personal feedback and 24/7 support to get to the next levels of you and your horse's abilities.

And anyone with any horse can join this program - no matter what age or breed or level of competence - there are no admission requirements to join.

This is what you get:

  • Once enrolled, you will have life long access to the ST Mastery Encylopedia with all its videos and manuals, so you can always rely on this extensive library of Straightness Training.
  • The life long Mastery Program starts with 6 month Boot Camp - this is an extra bonus you'll get free - to make sure you'll get started with Straightness Training. During the Boot Camp Marijke de Jong will personally guide you through the extensive Mastery Encyclopedia, so you know where to start, what to do next, and where to go when you encounter challenges in your horse training. So during the Boot Camp we will chunk ST Mastery down into pieces and we will cover one of the ST Training Components a month: groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and ST at liberty.
  • You'll also get in contact with Marijke de Jong through 6 live online Q&A sessons - without any extra charge- in which she will focus on your training and your personal situation.
  • Another great opportunity is that you will be able to submit 5 videos in ST Evaluation with you and your horse in the first year after starting with ST Mastery. These videos will be evaluated, so you will be able to refine your skills with the feedback you receive.
  • And you'll have have life long access to the empowering ST Mastery Membership for 24/7 support and here you can meet not only Marijke, but also ST instructors and experienced fellow ST Mastery students who can all help you out with their invaluable advice anytime you want.

Here's what to do next:

To get an idea what the ST Mastery Program is about, please join our FREE ST Mini Mastery Course to check out if this program could be something for you.

Just click the right button 'Get Access Now' in the banner:.


Now if you liked this mini course, you'll love the advanced ST Mastery program!

However, if you already made up your mind and can't wait, so if you immediately want to join and skip the mini-course, please send an email to [email protected] so we can help you to get on board of the Mastery Program right away!

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